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Grabstele des Abaskantos.jpg
Sepulchral monument with "top frame with funeral feast : Woman on kline , left man on folding chairs, right standing woman (daughter), two servants, small table with food . In the lower field Thracian Horseman with Dog, Tree in front of him with…

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.49.09 AM.png
The fresco depicts a young male servant holding ritual breads on an oval tray in a reduced funerary procession for his mistress.

Tombstone Tomis Timocrates.jpg
“Sepulchral monument with a banquet relief of very rude style, contained in a lunette above the inscribed panel. A male figure reclines on a couch, with a cup in his right hand, with an uncertain object near the cup, which may perhaps be intended to…

Tomsbtone Tomis Ulpia.jpg
“Sepulchral monument with a banquet relief of the rudest style. Two male figures, one being bearded, recline on a couch, holding cups in their left hands. Before them is a table with food; beside it a boy with a cup and oenochoe (?), and a girl with…

The fresco depicts a young woman, probably the woman buried in the tomb. She is dressed very well with a lot of jewelry and has a mysterious smile and side turned glance.
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